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“It’s not only to ask important questions but to ‘take note’… never forget that learning gained from experience is gained through reflection”

Thomas Kerr
Education specialist
Empire State College, Harry Van Arsdale Center for Labor Studies

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Industry Pieces: Current Issues Facing: Education, Work and Labour

CAEL Conference 2020 Highlight- The Threshold Learning Model Workbook-Presenter Thomas Kerr

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing… I attended the CAEL-2020 virtual conference on November 06, 2020. Tom Kerr, Enrollment Specialist at Suny Empire State College’s ‘Harry Van Arsdale Center for Labor Studies’ presented on the ‘Threshold Learning Model Workbook’. The workbook is a step by step working tool that supports students with developing their…

Talkin’ Trends in Adult Learning

There are vast learning theories that link theory and practices in modern andragogy. Instruction and learning are tied at the hip between instructors and learners for creating shared success. Success is often attributed to learners ability to retain and understand information, and instructors success is heavily weighed on being able to adopt a mix of…

Education is About: Learning and Understanding

Spring 2016, I reflected on the real value of ‘college degrees’ and the cost of opportunity associated for continuing college learning. I reached out to Mike. M for an opinion. Mike was the first college professor to dig deeper into my reflections about ‘the world around us’. We would on occasion chat about societal problems…

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