Statistics and Data

Statistics and Data Links

University of Michigan Statistics Page , a one-stop online data clearinghouse.

Swivel , new data search engine.

The Odum Institute has a Virtual Data Center page  which searches the Odum Institute, the ICPSR, the Harvard-MIT Data Center, and the Roper Center. Scroll down on this page.  

University of British Columbia, Research Methods on the WWW .

Social Science Data Services , University of California at San Diego

Online Data Archive ,  University of Wisconsin

The Harvard-MIT Data Center  is the principal distributor of over five hundred online subsettable data sets, sophisticated browsing and searching options, automatic ordering of new data sets from other repositories, and interactive data exploration. Its largest project currently is the creation of a data center (VDC) — a free, open, portable, self-installing data server, using the protocols for communication and searching from their ongoing Digital Libraries Project, and their recently completed Record of American Democracy project (the largest collection of combined census and electoral data set ever created). The VDC project will seamlessly integrate independent virtual data center sites around the world and make data sharing and distribution easy and transparent. 

EconData.Net , has over 900 links to socioeconomic data sources, arranged by subject and provider, pointers to the Web’s premiere data collections, and their own list of the ten best sites for finding regional economic data. 

Envirofacts , is the EPA’s data warehouse site. 

The Scholars’ Lab  of the University of Virginia provides access to the City and County Databooks, County Business Patterns, National Income and Product Accounts, 1990 Census PUMS, US Imports and Exports, FBI Uniform Crime Reports, and more. 

ICMA datasets  from the International City Management Association cover such topics as economic development, electronic government, police and fire, and recreation. While they cost money, funds may be available through the department, lab, or library. 

Princeton University Data and Statistical Services (DSS)  provides over 24,000 machine-readable files, some restricted to the Princeton community but much available to outside researchers. 

Time Series Data Library  contains over 50 topic areas. 

UNESCO maintains a web page of social science data links . Its DARE database  of over 11,000 resources is searchable.

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