Labour and Policy

Performance Management requires ongoing evaluation, and benchmarking of processes. Workplace initiatives require buy-in from all levels of an organization.

Our Services

Doling out solutions for ‘issues’ and ‘problems’ that face organizations relating to Human Capital is what we do. A professional industrial relations consulting services team, we partner with clients; improving workplace communication and cooperation. By first understanding the underlining challenges facing an organization, we then strive to support an organization in multidisciplinary service. Our products and services disciplines are:

Optimizing: Safety. Operations. Performance.

Our Service Disciplines:

Labour & Policy

C.B.A Prep

Labour and Management Relations

Attendance Program Management

Managements Rights

Worker Rights

Cultural Organizing

Diversity Training

Workplace Training

Safety Campaigns

Sensitivity Training

Social Responsibilit-y Campaigns

Team Building

Active Leadership

Active Leadership

Effective Leadership

Managing and Leading

Soft Skills Training

Performance Bench Marking

Workplace Safety & Health

Workplace Auditing

Risk Assessment

Root Cause Analysis

Safety Team Training

Regulatory Frameworks

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