Cultural Organizing

Just what is ‘Cultural Organizing’? For us, it is tapping into individual skill and abilities of workers in an organization that may not be easily recognized in their daily routines.

Integrating arts and culture into workforce engagement campaign strategies through the understanding of particular traditions and cultural identity. There is really no shortage of ideas for boosting morale and motivation of workers; however, what we do is build customized programs for clients that want to advance their staffing morale, motivation, and leadership.

It is often said, “it is a war for talent”, on the contrary, “it is a war with talent.” Leading socio-responsible awareness within an organization has clear benefits. In understanding particular traditions and cultural identity, industry-leading organizations not only attract top talent, they reduce turnover costs through our programs.

*Cultural Organizing is multidisciplinary community of practice.However, our services are dedicated towards workplace-community organizing.

See our ‘Labour Art Project’ series for a sample of our work.

Labour Art Project-Living The Dream- Click Here


We offer a variety of workplace organizing services. Please contact us for a consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

“Reflective practices create responsible leadership”

Culture Organizing- Lead

Strategic Leadership

“Leadership isn’t about positions and titles. It is about being authentic in what you are asking others to do, and taking a genuine interest in the ongoing development of your people”

J. Stanford
Leadership Instructor


Today, job seekers want to work where their traditions and culture are respected. Equally important is employers to understand their brand is only as good as their social responsibility efforts.

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