Covid-19 Placing Pressure on Worker’s Health Benefits!

Increasing number of employers are seeking relief measures from governments and creditors to ensure their business survive in the wake of Covid-19. Employers are are taking a good close look at their businesses to reduce overhead and cost. We all likely know someone is collecting CERB, filed for unemployment insurance, and or is working reduced hours.One of the many strategies being used by employers to reduce cost and save money is laying of staff temporarily. These temporary reduction in staffing can have an unintended and intended consequence. Severing employer and employee relationship can result in group insurance benefits being terminated and or frozen.

The burden of healthcare costs and benefits for employers and workers goes deeper than simply a fringe benefit being lost or halted. For many workers, the premium paid over the course of a year are minuscule compared to the cost saving of having such group benefits. Group insurance benefit are critical for many workers and their families. When workers are laid off be it temporarily or permanent, hidden cost for mental and physical well can hurt more than just the bottom lines of companies. During these harsh economic times. Are we prepared for yet another ‘fallout’ from Covid-19?

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